Art Gallery

A place for me to post examples of my art that I occasionally draw. Most of the time this is centered around FFXI/FFXIV characters, but every now and then I'll draw other things too. Line work is either done traditionally with pencil on paper, or recently I've started doing some entirely digital works. Coloring is almost always done digitially in Photoshop. I'm still in the process of setting this up, so there will probably be a lot of thumbnail previews that don't yet link to the full image.

For commissions, see the commissions page. Keep in mind that some of these images are several years old when requesting art so you know what to expect. They haven't been sorted chronologically for the most part but it should be fairly evident based on skill/style whether a given image is recent or not, and the most recent works for now appear at the end as I just tack them on to the end of the list. You can also usually check the date in my signature, though sometimes I have gone back to 5+ year old lineart to color it so this isn't always a foolproof method. At some point I may take the time to do a more thorough sorting of them, but for now it is what it is.

FFXIV Eorzean Fonts

I have also made a few OpenType fonts based off the text style in FFXIV. They can be found on their own fonts page.