Final Fantasy XI and XIV Characters

This is a place where I can put a little of the imagined backstories of my characters in the MMOs I have played—really that's just FFXIV with one or two characters shared/borrowed from FFXI—and the origin of their names. In addition to a short description of each character, I've also included a drawing/screenshot of them and their Eorzean signatures. Much of this info—especially for alt chars—is very rough or incomplete and has yet to be fleshed out or may change altogether. Alt chars won't be played very much, I'm just making them because the Legacy subscription rate includes several char slots for no extra charge. All chronological information given assumes the current year as it was at the beginning of A Realm Reborn, the 5th year of the 7th Umbral Era, the equivalent of 6a.e. 1577.

Mind you, I don't fully roleplay in any real sense (such as worrying about in- or out-of-character chat or playing out RP scenarios with friends), I just like to give my character's a little personality to place them in the lore of the world. Hardly any of the information below will ever be actively used by me in-game or out. Please, if you are an RPer, do not use my characters in any of your stories or under any other circumstance unless I give you express permission after you describe to me the way you'd like to use them. I'm not necessarily opposed to letting you use my characters, I just don't want them misrepresented.

Although all my names were hand-crafted to include something meaningful, if you're feeling stuck and uninspired while naming your own characters then the game client does include a lore-friendly name generator at character creation.

I've also included pronunciation guides in IPA and a Japanese katakana approximation below each character's name. For help with the IPA symbols, see Wikipedia's IPA guide.

Myranda al'Cyœne

/mɨˈrændə ælˈsaɪ.øːn/   ミランダ アル·サイウーン Hyur | Highlander ♀

Age: 27 Height: 5 fulm 8 ilms Weight: 155 ponze

Nameday: 27th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, 6a.e. 1545 Guardian: Nymeia, the Spinner

As my main character, Myranda obviously has the most fleshed out story to her. The original Myranda was created for FFXI and had no last name until I needed to create one for FFXIV. Although the two games are in separate universes, I regard both versions of Myranda as the same entity—a sort of female version of myself—sharing a nearly identical appearance between them of brown hair with purple eyes. The original choice basically came down to what I thought was the cutest hume female out of FFXI's limited choices, and I did a .dat file mod to make the eyes purple just for fun. Her age and height are meant to match my own (though I can't set height quite low enough on a Highlander: I'm 5'7.5"). With FFXIV's extra character creation options I added a mole/beauty mark beneath her left eye and from FFXIV 1.x to A Realm Reborn she has changed (read: retconned) from the Midlander Hyuran clan to being a previously unavailable Highlander. In-game, this change to Highlander does mean that her original hairstyle is no longer available to her, but I regularly change styles at the Æsthetician anyways and I can always draw her outside of the game however I care to.

Personality-wise, Myranda is young and independent with the mindset of taking what she wants, though not (usually) through what most would consider illegal or immoral action as she still has a sense of honesty and loyalty, especially to her few friends. It's important to note that her trust and allegiance are earned—not given—and she will not bend her knee for just anyone. On the short side for a Highlander lady, others often assume she's weak and she strives to show she's just as tough as not only the taller gals, but is on par with the men as well and doesn't have to sacrifice beauty to do it. She craves knowledge of all disciplines, even should they be those shunned as taboo by society. As such, she naturally gravitates towards the darker, arcane arts while still maintaining a sword arm leading her to fit into the role of Dark Knight (in FFXIV this is sadly a tank, which I don't enjoy playing much as a class so it's not actually a main class for me, but I did level it for solo content). If needed, however, Myranda is no stranger to the healing powers of the more divine magicks. Keen to goings-on in the sky both day and night, when Hydælyn's (FFXIV) red moon Dalamud began to grow in size she correctly concluded early on that it was getting nearer to the planet rather than the popular but inaccurate initial belief of the masses that the moon was physically growing in size. It is particularly apt, then, that her guardian diety is Nymeia, the Spinner and Watcher of the Skies (she was originally aligned to Halone in 1.0 before I knew what I was doing, and I chose a more apt diety for A Realm Reborn). Do not mistake these astrological auspices or skywatching as belief in fate or the power of the stars over our futures: Myranda is extremely skeptical by nature and questions the true nature of the gods and the "expertise" of the Ishgardian astrologians, preferring to follow a more scientific understanding of the world based on evidence. Similarily, she assumes herself to be smarter/better educated than others and that others who do hold religious beliefs are duped and deluded. This can make her demeanor somewhat offputting or force her to hide her true feelings, causing interpersonal relationships to often suffer for it or never take root in the first place. Many adventures are thus taken solo, but those seeds that do sprout hold especially strong and flourish. She is very stubborn and usually believes her way to be the best, only relenting to alternatives after vigorous debate. No effort is taken to conceal a firm racism: not of skin color, but of lalafell and Au Ra. She has no quarrel with the other races.

In both games Myranda hails from the arid desert regions: the Republic of Bastok in FFXI and the Sultanate of Ul'dah in FFXIV. This upbringing feeds into her personality and desire to obtain wealth and power, with a touch of reverance for the power of science and industry. This is also why her views on legality and morality become subjective sometimes. When something desperately needs doing, Myranda will employ every ruthless tactic at her disposal as learned from her countrymen, willing to sell her own body if it's for the right information and even taking a warped sense of pleasure in doing so (whispers suggest even a whole garrison of soldiers is no deterrent). She left her home and family in her early teens to train in junior divisions of the military (FFXI: the Mythril Musketeers, FFXIV: the Brass Blades), not returning home for several years after her thirst for knowledge and power exceeded what those organizations allowed or could provide and struck out on her own as a freelance adventurer.

Specific to FFXIV, Myranda's evidence of her Highlander heritage goes back long before she was born: her ancestors had migrated to Thanalan long enough ago that the family surname is now wholly detached from any Ala Mhigan etymology. However, old habits and customs die hard even if names change and she was raised in the culture of strength in battle passed down through the generations, her father Þrymr (Thrymr) regularly taking her to see the fights of the Bloodsands. By betting on the bouts, Þrymyr won enough gil to give his family a decent life, what one might call Ul'dahn middle class but far from the richest merchants in the city such as those on the Syndicate. Around 12—when she was old enough—her parents sent her off to train for the Brass Blades to hone her skills and instill a sense of duty in her. News of the Battle of Silvertear Skies was reaching the gossip-laden streets of Ul'dah at this time as well: many felt the need to prepare for a potential invasion by Garlemald. The invasion abruptly halted after the fall of Ala Mhigo, leaving Eorzea in an uneasy complacency. Realizing after a decade that continued service to the Blades would confine her to Thanalan (not to mention the rampant internal corruption of the organization which is too extreme even for her loose standards), Myranda became convinced there was much more to be learned of the world and she left the guard to embark on her solo adventuring career despite it precluding any chance to serve Hunberct Longhaft's unit. Growing up in Ul'dahn culture surrounded by merchants also made her quite the opportunist and fashionista (from Eshtaime's Lapidiaries and Æsthetics and Sunsilk Tapestries, with some encouragement from her mother Cressida). After all, what good does it matter how protective your armor is unless you look hot wearing it?? Her signature style will almost always involve a good pair of boots with exposed thighs, and nothing ever too bulky, even as a tank. Hairstyles should never get in the way of showing off her jewelry either. Besides fashion, the markets inevitably rooted a natural distaste for lalafell, a scheeming race that can't be trusted. Myr also has a younger brother, Lycus, who works for the Platinum Mirage. When Lycus came of age, Myr took it upon herself to instruct him in the ways of girls; however, she took a decidedly twisted firsthand approach to the matter—a fact she keeps under close wraps lest it be discovered. It is unclear how far this education has continued into adulthood.

With the Garlean advance finally resuming in 1572, she saw her chance to act for a purpose and enrolled in the Free Brigade of the Immortal Flames, more to protect her current home of Ul'dah than to reclaim Ala Mhigo specifically as many other highlanders desire. Her family are too far removed to hold such allegience so closely, and are firmly in the Royalist camp in Ul'dahn politics. That's not to say she isn't curious to someday visit her ancestral homeland to see it with her own eyes. Although sworn to repel the Garlean incursion, she is fascinated by and holds utmost respect for Imperial magitek technology and would love nothing more than to get her hands on it to research what other uses the advanced machinery may have. If only Garlemald could have sought peaceful relations with its neighbors instead of seeking dominion, what wonders could have been brought to the realm... Quickly she rose through the adventuring ranks and was soon at the forefront of the growing Meteor/7th Umbral Era conflict. Despite successfully bringing justice upon the White Raven, Nael van Darnus, the red moon continued to fall and she faced certain death upon the Carteneau Flats when the Wyrmking Bahamut broke free of its prison, until a bright glow enveloped her...

The 5 year discrepency in her listed age vs. her calculated age from birth year is due to being sent away to the future by Archon Louisoix Leveilleur at the Battle of Carteneau.

Myranda's forename originates as a variation on Miranda, one of the moons of Uranus, while her surname comes from Alcyone—one of the stars that make up the Pleiades (Seven Sisters, M43) star cluster—with alterations to make it sound somewhat Arabic to match the arid lands of Thanalan (the pronunciation is also slightly altered from its proper Greek rendition). This was all before the naming guides were ever released to the community so it does not match the lore, but her first name was non-negotiable and I grew attached to the last name enough that it would feel wrong to change it. She often goes by the shortened nickname of Myr and dislikes being called Myra. The names of Myr's family are also derived from moons in the solar system, with the exception of Lycus where I couldn't find another moon name that sounded just right, but Wiki links from pages on moons found me one I liked.

Because the game's system does not allow ligatured characters in names and forces initial capitalization, the appearance of her surname in the game is Al'cyoene rather than the al'Cyœne it should be, so this is how it will appear there and on official SE websites such as the Lodestone or anything that pulls its data from the Lodestone. At least I get the apostrophe now (it wasn't possible in 1.0).


Mæk'ra Numhrhia

/ˈmækʔrɑ ˈnuːm.χriːə/   マエケ·ラ ヌンリア Miqo'te | Keeper of the Moon ♂

Age: ?? Height: 5 fulm 3 ilms Weight: 150 ponze

Nameday: 19th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon, 6a.e. ???? Guardian: Menphina, the Lover

Mæk'ra is a male miqo'te I made for FFXIV:ARR as a character I could play along with my wife, thus is he bound to her character S'dia Shaya. Since my wife didn't play 1.x and was a new player to ARR, the fact that Myranda had all battle classes capped to 50 didn't leave much to level up together with her except for new classes, therefore a new character was necessary. Plus it let us be a cute cat couple. His backstory is in limbo, but his appearance is dark skinned with reddish-brown hair and piercing orange eyes. My wife has since quit playing, and Mæk'ra has largely been abandoned with only the occasional log-on for seasonal events.

Mæk'ra's name is derived from the Arabic words for 'feline' (ماكر) and 'jaguar/panther' (نمر). Follow the links for approximate pronunciations on the Google Translate pages (click the speaker icon), though Google's pronunciation seems to vary depending on context with other words so I've taken some liberties in the transliteration. Specifically, I adapted it to fit the game's lore which indicates him as the 5th son of Mæk Numhrhia, his mother of the Keepers of the Moon clan. If one insists on shortening his name, they should drop the 'ra and just use Mæk. This is a bit strange though, since as just mentioned that's technically his mother's name... so maybe it's better to call him Ra instead?

As is the case for Myranda, in-game the æ ligature in his name is rendered as an ae digraph due to system limitations.


R'khaami Hakta

/rʌˈχɑːmɪ ˈχɑːktə/   ル·カーミ ハクタ Miqo'te | Seeker of the Sun ♀
Limsa Lominsa

Age: 20 Height: 4 fulm 11 ilms Weight: 105 ponze

Nameday: 30th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon, 6a.e. 1557 Guardian: Azeyma, the Warden

Only aged 15 at the time of the Calamity, she was far from the Battle of Carteneau, kept safe at sea while on a fishing vessel in the Rhotano Sea just offshore of the Cieldalæs. Being a Seeker of the Sun, R'khaami loves doing just that: soaking up the rays on the beautiful beaches of La Noscea with a drink in hand. To make ends meet she has found herself in the employ of Gegeruju's Lominsan resort catering to the needs of beachgoing guests, sometimes going beyond her... official duties... for a few extra gil on the side...

Unlike many of her sisters in the R she was not sired by R'rhiki Nunh, but rather by the reclusive yet mysteriously charismatic R'hakta Tia. Although not the official breeding male, he has been known to sneak in a few trysts with the more adventerous ladies of the tribe that hold less of an eye for tradition. Such deeds haven't gone entirely unnoticed and have led to more than a couple run-ins between the nunh and R'hakta: his affair with Khaami's mother (R'zhamah) was one example where he was caught in the act and hence why Khaami has taken her true father's name as her surname. Many more of the R clan may be of R'hakta's stock but they are often clandestinely passed off as R'rhiki's offspring and it's impossible to accurately gauge their number. Despite the circumstances of her birth, R'khaami has been generally well accepted into the tribe, as her father's deeds are not her own.

Her name is derived from the Arabic for 'marble' (رخام) and 'stripe' (خط)—formatted to fit the game lore for the Seekers of the Sun clan—a reference to my real life cat named Marble who happens to have light orange tabby stripes where he's not covered in white. Her eyes are dichromatic, again to reflect Marble: his eyes are a mix of brown and blue. In the game I'm forced to have the eyes exhibit complete heterochromia (left eye all blue, right eye all brown), but really they're supposed to show partial heterochromia like Marble's with the left eye being split in half vertically into blue and brown while the right eye is brown with blue speckles throughout. It's bizarre, I know, but I promise you his eyes truly are like that and I feel both lucky and proud to be his owner.

The astute reader may have noticed that Arabic is a really useful languange for making meaningful miqo'te names that aren't just alphabet soup. It really lends itself to the purpose, including closely approximating the hissing-like aitches mentioned in the miqo'te lore article. Khaami's mother was also named this way, with hers meaning 'to hump/make love/copulate' (جامع) as a reference to the affair with R'hakta. Often words can have seem to have several possible translations so be sure to check them all (e.g. R'zhamah means "to make love" as a verb, but apparently as a noun it amusingly means "mosque"... not two concepts I'd think would be represented by a similar word). If you're stuck for a name on your own cat-person, you should definitely give Arabic a try!


Hauteneaux Laurent

/ lɔ.rã/   オテノ ロラン Elezen | Duskwight ♂

Age: 102 Height: 6 fulm 9 ilms Weight: 170 ponze

Nameday: 32nd Sun of the 4th Astral Moon, 6a.e. 1475 Guardian: Althyk, the Keeper

Hauteneaux's name follows the "make it sound French" conventions of the Elezen and means "tall and crowned with laurels". My concept for his appearance is that of an older man with a bony face, one who has seen many years and has the wisdom to go with it. From a scar earlier in his life he has lost some of the vision in his right eye, which has also started to cloud over. I've set his age at 102, but if we ever get any official lore about the lifespans of Eorzeas races I might have to adjust it to fit the life stage I imagine him to be in. Originally from Ishgard, the arrival of the harsh cold weather to Cœrthas since the Calamity has forced him to retire to the dry deserts of Thanalan in order to maintain his health.


Gracielle Blanclueur

/grɑsiεl blã.lɥœr/   グラシエル ブランルール Elezen | Wildwood ♀

Age: ?? Height: 6 fulm 6 ilms Weight: 155 ponze

Nameday: 14th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, 6a.e. ???? Guardian: Nophica, the Matron

Gracielle's French-Elezen name means "graceful, white glow". She is pale skinned with white/silver hair and narrow elegant eyes, hence her name. Hailing from Gridania, she is quiet and reserved, well suited to her role as a Hearer of Stillglade Fane. A clear contrast to the more boisterous personalities of Myranda and R'khaami.


Aislyn Toffsnöwyn

/aɪsˈliːn ˈtoːfsnøːˌʋiːn/   アイスリーン トフスヌウィン Rœgadyn | Sea Wolf ♀

Age: ?? Height: 7 fulm 0 ilms Weight: 225 ponze

Nameday: 3rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, 6a.e. ???? Guardian: Llymlæn, the Navigator

I like the Roegadyn female æsthetic, but not enough to ever main one. Still, my char creation tinkering resulted in Aislyn. Her name translates to "Ice Sheet, daughter of Deep Snow". Strictly speaking, the -lyn part of her name isn't in the official Roegadyn dictionary, but I improvised so that it's derived from "lyna" (adj. linen) and similar in sound to other words such as "syn" and "wyn", in essence turning the adjective into a noun so that it implies the imagery of a linen sheet such as one might find on a bedspread. As used in her name, of course, it's meant to evoke a wintry landscape as a call out to my RL Minnesota roots. Originally I had her named Aisbyrga but I wasn't sold on the name, so I changed it. The lore-jury is still out on whether oe-letter-pairings in the Roegadyn language should be ligatured to œ or umlauted as ö, or even to remain as a digraph, so I might have to make some further alterations to the name down the road (or maybe not since Eorzean literacy is so low that grammar is made up as you go!), though in-game it will be represented via the digraph as Toffsnoewyn as once more the other variations are not legal characters.


Richard Hammond

/ˈrɪtʃərd ˈhæmʌnd/   リチャルド ハモンド Lalafell | Dunesfolk ♂

Age: 43 Height: 2 fulm 10 ilms Weight: 40 ponze

Nameday: 19th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, 6a.e. 1534 Guardian: Oschon, the Wanderer

Here I decided to break from lore naming conventions for a cheap joke and because I think Lalafell names are in general too cute/childish sounding. His name is a reference to one of the (former, after the Clarkson 'fracas') presenters of the motoring show Top Gear who is often teased for being short in stature (being given the nickname Hamster on the show). His chocobo is named Oliver: fans of the show will understand. His age and birthday are set to match his namesake's, and Oschon as his guardian was chosen as a connection to epic road trips.


Kalyke Harpalyke

/ˈkælɨkiː hɑrˈpælɨkiː/   カリキ ハルパリキ Lalafell | Plainsfolk ♀

Age: ?? Height: 3 fulm 0 ilms Weight: 45 ponze

Nameday: 20th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon 6a.e. ???? Guardian: Nald'thal, the Traders

Originally, Kalyke was a mithra/miqo'te mule character for both FFXI and FFXIV 1.0. Both her forname and surname are, like Myranda, named after moons in our solar system (in this case, both happen to orbit Jupiter). By chance her name loosely fits the lalafell plainsfolk naming conventions already, though it better matches the male rather than female patterns. I went ahead and changed her into a lalafell because of that, and the fact that I've already got other miqo'te characters to fill that niche. Much of the rest of her profile is still blank, because I just don't care enough about lalafells to bother...